Curved Cornice Work

Curved section of plaster cornice to match the existing cornice.

The challenge here was to run a curved section of plaster cornice to match the existing. 

This entailed taking a template of the existing cornice, fabricating a running mould to match the design on the cornice, and then to use it to replicate the existing cornice around the inside and outside of the curved surfaces.

Running a cornice is a traditional trade that we A.R.H. Tucker & Sons Limited, have maintained as we have continued to grow, expand and diversify over the years.

Many companies have moved away from the traditional skillset of wet plastering and working with limes. However, through the years A.R.H. Tucker & Sons has firmly believed, that all our Apprentices and Tradesmen should be taught the traditional methods alongside new methods, to enable us to adapt our workforce to offer the best possible quality workmanship and service.