Lime Plaster and Lath Repairs

Lime Plaster and Lath Repairs 
Bargate, Grimsby - FSH Maintenance

Lime Plaster and Lath repairs to water damaged ceiling including re-running the existing fibrous cornice, as part of an insurance claim.

A.R.H. Tucker & Sons Limited, was instructed by the insurance company under FSH Maintenance to carry out the repairs as part of an insurance claim.

The following pictures show the areas and sections of where the existing ceiling has been water damaged and needed repairing and replacing.

The plaster was removed and then the laths were left to dry out, and shrink back before the ceiling was reinstated.

A template of the existing cornice was taken so that a mould could be hand made and new sections of cornice could be run, allowing the room to be reinstated as the original.

The above pictures show the full ceiling that has been replastered using lime plasters and the new sections of cornice that have been run.

Working with limes is not an exact science, and it takes time. An operative has to make several separate visits, over many days / weeks, to ensure that each stage of the process is not completed too quickly and so as to ensure a quality and sound finish.