ProRend Through Coloured Render

ProRend Through Coloured Render
Kings Road, Cleethorpes - Barfords

The property is situated on the seafront in Cleethorpes, having partial mock tudor gables, as can be seen in one of the pictures on the adjacent property; the owner wished to upgrade the façade along with other refurbishment works that were being carried out.

Due to the costal frontage, it was decided that SAS (Europe) Ltd's  ProRend, through coloured render was the way to proceed to achieve the overall look that the client desired.

The client chose the colour African Grey to give a more contempory look to the building, it also compliments the upgraded aluminium powder coated windows and doors that have been installed.

After we had applied the render and left it with a scratched finish, this brings out the aggragate which has a fine fleck, the client surface fitted Zinc downspouts and timber clad the front entrance lobby to complete the overall look of the building.