Repairing old plaster lath ceilings in a Church

Repairing the old plaster lath ceilings at Lenton Church

The church was under going a refurbishment of the roof and spire after damage caused over time, due to weather and other factors.

A.R.H. Tucker & Sons Limited were contracted in to carry out work which involved repairing the old plaster lath ceilings in between all the roof trusses.

Riven laths were used and the ceiling was re-lathed in a traditional style of over lapping the laths. The laths were then rendered using lime plasters from Skillingtons Workshop.

The process was slow as it involved our operatives having to work in between the existing rafters, which as you can see from the pictures are not very wide; and also over and in between the existing roof joists that spanned across the church.

All this whilst working at the top of a close boarded scaffold that was necessary for the safety of all the trades that worked on the contract.