Restoration of English Heritage property using natural lime products

Restoration of English Heritage property using different types of natural lime products
Lindum BMS - High Street, Boston

Scope of works involved the total renovation of the property, from removing out of keeping add ons, to building a new extension and re-roofing the property to enable it to be brought back into public use, whilst making it more thermally efficient by the use of sustainable building products.

Our contract was to work with Lindums and English Heritage to reinstate the fabric of the building as sympathetically as possible; using several different types of natural lime products.

The materials were supplied to ourselves by Ty-Mawr who are based in Wales.

Back of restoration project


Works started for us at the top of the building, working on the rooms in the roof.

The building was in a very bad state of repair when Heritage Lincolnshire acquired the building. We worked alongside the main contractor and the local heritage officer to ensure that many of the original features were maintained and repaired where possible or replaced in a like for like fashion using laths and lime plasters.

There were many different types of lime backing plasters and combinations of finishes that went into recreating the end product.
The nature of working with limes is a process that cannot be rushed or speeded up.

There was an extension to the rear of the property that was not in keeping with the main building; this was carefully taken down and rebuilt to match how the existing building would have looked.

The project was a prestigious project to work on, and one that we handled well, often going above and beyond the remit given to us.

A.R.H. Tucker & Sons Limited met all the challenges that were faced on the project, with the varying different plaster backgrounds throughout the building and the weather conditions that can have an impact on the drying times and workability of lime and plaster products.