Sand & Lime Restoration work

Sand & Lime Restoration work
Bridge Street, Horncastle

Refurbishment of 2 adjoining buildings on Bridge Street, Horncastle.

The work involved the full refurbishment of the inside, which included the use of a lime based render system that can be used after a chemically injected DPC (Damp Proof Course).

The owners of the building decided against painting the new external rendering, as once it was finished and had begun to dry out they liked to natural colours of the sand lime rendering.



The exterior of the property was re-rendered using a 2 coat hydraulic lime / sand render, with the property on the left being given Ashlar markings to recreate the effect of stone quions and lintels.

Due to the relative size of the contract, we were able to maintain a presence on site for the duration of our required work as we were able to move through the building applying the initial coat of lime plaster.

By the time we had gotten so far along, sufficient time had elapsed for the lime plaster to set, to allow us to drop back and apply a second coat. We were then able to work the lime as necessary.