External Lime Rendering to a 100 year old property

External Lime Rendering - A 100 year old property gets a make over.
Goxhill, Lincolnshire

Due to the age of the property and the soft brick construction, it was agreed that a lime based render would be the best option.

An external through coloured render supplied by Lincolnshire Lime, called Thermocromex was used. It was left with a sponged finish to give a smooth finish as opposed to a textured tyrolean or stippled finish.  

The nature of this type of lime render makes it a very usuable product in that we at A.R.H. Tucker & Sons (Cleethorpes) Ltd, were able to apply the Thermocromex to both new and existing brick and block work. The Thermocromex product allows the old substrate to breath, whilst maintaining a consistent finish all the way around the building including the new extension.