External Lime Rendering - Kirkby Lincolnshire

External Lime Rendering
Kirkby Lincolnshire

The existing render to the property was looking very tired and in a state of bad repair, the client wished to take off the existing render and renew it for a number of reasons.

From the outside the render had obvious problems of cracking and debonding in some areas, but it was also begining to show on the inside of the property as well.

Damp had begin to show in areas that outside were close to cracks, those cracks had then pulled apart enough to allow water ingress. This water was then being trapped behind the render and had begun to push its way out through the most easiest route - internally.

The client chose to remove the render themselves to cut down on some of the costs associated with rendering, and left it ready for us to begin preparation of the surfaces prior to applying the final render coat.

The product which we used was Thermocromex, which is a lime based through coloured render. It was left with a plain finish, that was achieved by giving the ruled surface of the render a final sponge float rub. 

To maintain some of the original features, where they were present, the client also cleaned off the original stone cills and we then created a bullnose-round into the window frames - giving a traditional look and feel back to the property.