Somerton Castle

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Somerton Castle is near the village of Boothby Graffoe in Lincolnshire. The Tower dates back to the 13th century and is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, and the house is 16th century and holds Grade 1 listed status, then there had been various other additions to the building over the years. The current owners were looking to revitalize the old parts of the building, remove some of the more unsightly extensions and alterations, and add on a new part to the building which would compliment the existing.

We originally received an enquiry for the works in November 2014, when the proposal was still in it's infancy stage for the internal finishes, from the main contractors Stephen D. Francis Building Contractor & Joinery Specialists.

The concept behind the material choices was to make the building energy efficient, bring it up to current regulations and standards, all whilst trying to maintain the heritage of the building; this was all worked out alongside the local conservation officer, who was there to assist in the choices made.

We were awarded the contract in early 2016 after several discussions and meetings during 2015 with the main contractor and product manufacturers.

The first work we undertook at the castle was in the 13th Century Tower, skimming in between the oak timbers with a lime based product.

Lime Work, Baumit, Plastering, Heritage, Oak timbers Lime Work, Baumit, Plastering, Heritage, Oak timbers


Construction was nearing completion on the new extension which could also be accessed by the Towers spiral staircase.

We returned after a brief hiatus which enabled the main contractor to secure the internal insulation to the upper floors and roof areas of the building. The internal insulation was a compressed woodwool board, which we then rendered direct on to using Baumit products.