Running a Fibrous Mould

Deighton House in Louth, Lincolnshire

                                      A replication of the existing fibrous cornice which was run using a template mould after plastering had been completed

A small section of cornice work to the first floor corridor needed to be replaced after it had been damaged and removed, during the properties previous use as a school.

Contract Involvement

The full extent of the contract that we were involved with, was to almost re-plaster the entire property.
The new owners wanted to convert the once school into a family home again. A substantial amount of work was undertaken removing fixtures and fittings that were added for health and safety reason when it was a school, to return the property back to some of it original former glory.



Over skimming the existing walls and ceilings to make them look as new; patch any existing cornice mouldings and run new sections, marrying up to the old; where the old has either been damaged and fallen off or at some point during its life time been removed.